Baker site (41SS192)

Ongoing Long-term Archaeological Research Project

Baker Site (41SS192)

Contour map of 41SS192 showing shovel test and test unit locations as of January 2017. Red dots are locations of Toyah diagnostic artifacts (Perdiz points, tear drop end scrapers, bone-tempered ceramics). Click image to enlarge.

The Baker site (41SS192) lies 30 miles west of the Simms Creek site (41LM113), another ongoing LUAS research project. Baker is located on the San Saba River in the general vicinity where in 1847 German colonists signed a peace treaty with southern Comanche bands.

LUAS is investigating an earlier use of the site, specifically a large Late Prehistoric camping area spread out along a fossil channel of the river. We are attempting to map the horizontal extent of the Toyah occupation (sometime between AD 1300 and 1700) using shovel tests and isolated test units. Most Toyah camps appear to be small, but already we have learned that this Toyah occupation covers at least five acres. Of course the finds could represent many camping episodes by small groups offset from one another to create one large archaeological site.

It will be difficult distinguishing individual Toyah camps but new dating techniques on ceramics may help establish contemporaneity.

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